I use Internet Tethering on iPhone 4

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Everyone is so crazy about iPhone 4, and i was too..
so i bought iPhone 4 last month. About iPhone most of us are already familiar do not have to talk much about it. But still there are many thing that you will know after Own it. The Word Internet Tethering, it's very new word for me to find while i am trying to learn features about iPhone 4. This is you can find under Settings / General / Network / and Internet Tethering.

What is Internet Tethering and how does it work?

So what is Internet Tethering and how does it work? i asked the friend then i know about it. Internet Tethering share iPhone's internet with your computer. i mean you can use internet on your laptop or PC by sharing iPhone's internet package. no need to have separate internet service.

This post is posting by using Internet Tethering on iPhone 4. If you own iPhone 4, then you don't have to be a member of different internet service at your home computer. save some money by using Internet Tethering application from your Iphone 4 or 3Gs . i am not sure if it's work with normal iPhone.

To use Internet Tethering you must have internet package with your service provider. which u must have if you surf Facebook or twitter on your iPhone. for example my service provider is True Move and i took iPhone Package ( per month 599 bhat /unlimited WiFi, edge, and 3G + calling 300 minute .... etc.

So by using Internet Tethering for surf internet, i don't have to pay another 599 bhat for internet service at my room. plus save service charge for join internet line at condominium. True move 3G internet give me about 1 mbps speed its depends some time (look result picture below about 3 mbps on 11/ 23 2010) . In 1 MBPS speed you can watch YouTube video very well,

below picture is the result during this post. is 1 MBPS

When i check internet speed on 11/ 23/ 2010, it was amazing the speed

How to use Internet Tethering in PC or desktop computer? i will be discuss in next post.

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