Ice Stolen Get Revenge

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Zynga always keep us busy with redesign Games in different way recentaly also There is something new with Fight and Ice.  Ice Stolen, Get Revenge !! 
Sounds good Cry . I have not experinced this new designe fight yet but i read in MWlootlady blog about it. Hope we will soon  get this new Ice Stolen Get Revenge things.
What is Ice Stolen, Get Revenge ?
Fighting gets redesigned When you attack another player on the Fighting page of any destination, you’ll get a fight results screen that makes it easier to follow your progress in a fight and ice your opponents.

The new screen view makes it easier to finish fights without needing to scroll up and down to find new opponents.Icing Separates the Winners from the weak fighters! Ice players to become the strongest Mafia Wars player.
Opponents get iced when their health dips below 20 points in a fight. Repeated attacks wear down your opponent’s health. Opponent’s health menu bar added This is the biggest addition to fighting. For the first time, you’ll be able to see a visual indication of how much damage you are doing and how close you are to icing your opponent.

New fight loot and bigger boosts Win fights to gain new items and use 2 new boosts to help you in your fights. You can send attack or defense boosts to friends that will be a percentage of your overall attack/defense points. For power fighters, this will be a huge boost. You can also choose to turn boosts on and off during a fight. Each boost can be used only once.

You work hard to ice an opponent, but sometimes your ice gets stolen by another player. Now you can get revenge when someone swipes your ice. Attack that player and get your ice back! 
Kills now equal 2 Ices 
Get rewarded for killing your opponent with 2 ices. Now killing someone is twice as nice.
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